Similarly, an Emotional Energy Spectrum (Emotion Chart) contains all levels of emotional energetic frequencies from the lowest energy level to the highest.

Low energy emotions have low frequency and long wavelength.  We feel un-happy... very depressed... useless.

High energy emotions have high frequency and short wavelength. We feel happy... cheerful... enthusiastic.
Unhealthy Emotional Body
within the Auric Field
The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction which has become very popular lately as "The Secret," points out very clearly how "attraction" draws toward us events and circumstances which match the essence of our "feelings" or emotional level, which is another way of saying our "emotional frequency" level.

Our emotions are our life's power and vitality, the "carrier wave" upon which our projected thoughts are sent to create or modify our reality. The more potent our "carrier wave" is, the more quickly and effectively it will affect and transform our reality.

The happier we are the higher frequencies we attract.

Our happiness level is a direct measurement of our creative and attractive power.
Emotional Energy - Visible Light Energy

Like the "visible light" frequencies scale below. Low frequency is perceived as color red, when frequency of light energy increases, the perceived color changes to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo. etc. - From low to high frequency.


The same is true with our emotions.

A low frequency emotion is perceived or felt as, let's say, fear  (1.0 in scale). Increasing our frequency we now feel anxiety, then resentment, hate, antagonism, etc. Until we reach the Happiness Energy Domain of our list of emotions commencing to feel "good," maybe at contented level (2.8 in scale), then better and better as we move up the list of human emotions chart.

To find authentic happiness we must increase the frequency of our emotional composition by releasing lower emotional frequencies and allowing higher frequencies to replace them. 

Increasing your frequency will change your attitude, behavior and increase your creative power.
Healthy Emotional Body
What is emotion?

Emotion is our perception of energy in motion; which we recognize as a feeling. Different emotions have different frequencies. Scientists call Electromagnetic Energy Spectrum the scale of energy frequencies.

Low energy has low frequency and long wavelength. High energy has high frequency and short wavelength.
You can notice in the chart that Sound Energy is extremely weak compared to the ultra-powerful Gamma Ray Energy.

Emotions are energy in motion and look like clouds hovering above and around our physical body.  High frequency emotions such as love and joy look bright while lower frequency emotions look dimmer and dark.

Negative or lower frequency emotions can have a detrimental effect on our physical body over time.  These emotions eventually can become toxins at the cellular level and can damage body tissues and even become serious dis-eases.

Emotions store in the body in layers on top of layers and these can affect our mood, attitude and personality in their degree of concentration.  Some people, for example, are always very angry and others hardly at all.

We can allow our emotions to flow freely and we can also repress them.  In order for us to be clear of lower frequency emotions from our emotional body we need to release them.  However, we can't release them by just saying "ok, I release all my sadness right now!".
Thoughts, we think, and emotions, we feel.  Emotions can only be released in their emotional energetic form.  We can only be willing to let go and release them; so they can be transmuted by higher frequency energy.

Some of these emotional releases can be very painful; so we usually tend to repress them deep within where we can't feel them again.  No matter how intense and painful a release might be, we feel much better afterwards.  The more we clear ourselves from accumulated lower frequency emotions, the higher our frequency will rise and the happier we'll become.